Hula Hoop Exercise: Genuine Form of Working Out or Just Another Fad?

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Hula Hoop exercises can be so much fun to lose weight before your wedding. In recent years, you may have noticed the seemingly sudden appearance of weighted hula hoops in most sport retail stores. While you might have fond memories of playing with a hula hoop as a child, is it really a valid form of exercise as an adult? First and foremost, it must be stated that the physical benefits of it have yet to be studied in a scientific manner; however, if you use the hoop for more than ten minutes at a time, it can be considered a form of aerobic activity, which is beneficial for the human body.

In general, it is recommended to use weight hoops, as opposed to their traditional counterparts, because weighted hoops tend to provide more of a workout for your hips and core. If you will be adding this exercise to your workout routine, it is highly important to choose the size of hoop that is proportionate to your body height. When it is resting vertically on the ground, the height of the hoop should meet approximately midway between your chest and your midsection. Choosing the correct height of hoop is important, because if the hoop is too large, you can potentially overstrain your hips and lower back while you are working out.

When choosing a hula hoop, the next item you must take into consideration is the actual weight of it. The weight of the hoop can be chosen according to your personal preferences, but you must bear in mind that the smaller and the lighter the hoop is, the more energy it is going to require from you to ensure that the hoop remains constantly in motion. The larger and heavier that the hoop is, the easier it will be to keep going. This means that you will be able to hula hoop for longer periods of time during one session.

After you have chosen one, it is time to get started hooping! The hoop should be held against your back, just slightly above your natural waistline. One foot should be placed in front of the other, and then, you should begin pushing the hula hoop around your waistline. In order to keep it going, you will be required to shift your weight backwards and forwards, from one foot to another. The actual process of this exercise is quite simple enough to learn, but it should be noted that individuals with a history of back problems should not participate in hula hoop exercise. To learn more, check out how to lose weight fast [] to get started.

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