Profiting From Backyard Chicken Coops - DIY Chicken Coop Plans - A Smart Investment

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Many people are building their own, DIY chicken coops in their backyard.
Some for the enjoyment of fresh eggs on a daily basis, some for the enjoyment of raising chickens as pets (they are very loyal birds!), and even more still for both the enjoyment and for profit that can be made selling the fresh eggs.
A quick scan across the internet reveals that buying a pre made chicken coop is an extremely expensive venture.
A very modest 10 to 12 bird coop will cost over $1000, not including the chickens or feed.
At that price, your return on investment can take several years.
This is the main reason why you should invest one weekend of your time and build your own backyard chicken coop.
You can create a structure for fractions of a pre built bird house.
Using DIY coop plans and your local hardware store, most people can build a house that will hold a dozen birds in one afternoon of work.
The return on investment for these is reduced to just a matter of a few months.
Each morning, you can enjoy fresh eggs, and you can sell eggs for a nice price if you want to profit from the venture.
Most people are able to get $4 to $5 per dozen for organic, fresh eggs.
In your coop, you can easily get a dozen eggs per day out of your chickens.
Build a larger coop, and you can start to make even more profit, and enjoy the health benefits of these great tasting, natural eggs.
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