Emotionally Intelligent Climate at Work - How to Create a Positive Work Climate

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Positive Work Climate We all want to work in a healthy and happy work environment, where the best efforts of people are aligned with the vision and strategy of the organization.
Emotionally intelligent leaders create a positive work climate where people can maximize their potential.
EQ leaders model specific behaviors that fully engage their people and create a climate of trust..
It is easier to get your people to do the things you want done when they are motivated to do them.
Your leadership directly affects the way people feel about working for you.
You create a climate.
This climate affects the amount of effort the people in your organization contribute.
And the more they contribute, the more successful your organization will be.
The research of the Hay group shows that leadership accounts for an average of 70% of the variance in climate.
A positive climate will increase important bottom line performance measures by up to 30%.
So the more you improve their environment, the higher the performance of your team will be.
What do you do that affects performance? How can you create the best climate for your team? Six best practices based on Hay Group research that will fully engage your people 1 Clarity Employees are clear about where the organization is going and what their contribution is 2 Standards There is a continual emphasis on improvement and excellence 3 Flexibility There are no unnecessary rules and procedures and good ideas are acted upon 4 Responsibility People are empowered to get on with their job and held accountable for it 5 Rewards Employees receive appropriate recognition for their level of contribution 6 Team Commitment There is pride and trust in the organization and in leadership Do you contribute to creating a healthy climate where you work? What strengths do you leverage to make the maximum contribution in your work?
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