Developing Quality Management Plans For Construction Projects

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Just before the beginning of construction works, Contractors are required to set up a Site-specific Project Quality Management Plan (QMP) detailing the control procedures that's necessary to indicate its capability to regularly supply products and services that meets customer and applicable quality standard specifications.

A Quality Management Plan is a live document which is employed and up-to-date regularly through the life from the project or contract.

The particular Quality Management Plan need to conform with applicable ISO 9001 requirements and contract specifications for the project.

A Quality Management Plan would certainly define:

project or contract objectives;
resources to be utilized, which includes management structure/personnel and their coaching for the work;
personnel responsibilities and authorities;
process controls to be employed to deal with the work and risks involved, such as quality procedures, and ITPs and connected checklists, with methods for measurement/analysis;
methods to be used to monitor and audit implementation;
methods to become used to determine nonconformities, and implement corrective and preventive actions; and
methods to become employed for document control and records management, such as sustaining,
securing/protecting/storing, identifying, retrieving and otherwise controlling records for the periods necessary after which their disposal

A normal Quality Management Plan would contain:

A brief description from the scope of works associated with all the contract ought to be documented. The description ought to be sufficiently detailed to supply persons unfamiliar with the contract an overview in the type of work becoming carried out and under what environment conditions.
A short description of the works system should be documented; this might be inside a kind of a bar chart, Gantt chart or any other form of documenting works program.
The QMP should outline the project management structure, responsibilities, standards and control systems applicable for the contract to ensure quality requirements are adequately addressed.
describe procedures to deal with document control. The important components of document control are approval, distribution and control of superseded documents. Furthermore there must be evidence of control within the form of records.
describe procedures to purchase items and services necessary to deliver your project; this contains procedures to select and engage subcontractors and procedures to manage subcontractors works on site.
describe procedures to handle non conforming items, noncompliance to documented procedures and actions needed to remove the causes of nonconformities to be able to prevent recurrence.
describe procedures for inspection and tests needed on incoming goods, in-process and final inspections required to ensure that the quality from the item delivered is as per contract specifications.
technical procedures (TP) for each construction activity; the TPs would contain inspection and test plans (ITPs) with checklist to record inspection and test results; this can be probably the most important element of quality management.
describe procedures to cope with coaching specifications for staff involved with all the project.
describe procedures to deal with records creation, storage and disposal according to specified specifications.
Standard forms needed to record day to day activities.

Alternatives to create quality management plans

You have few choices accessible to obtain your Construction Project Quality Management Plan (QMP) they're:

You prepare your own plan using the expertise and resources obtainable within your organisation (preferred option), following this recommendations,
You hire a consultant to draft for you (least preferred alternative),
You get a template from providers on the net and you tailored to specifics of the organisation and project (economical and best choice). Tailoring the template by YOU and your team provides you with ownership and understanding of the plan and confidence to implement it.

The option is yours, tha harsh truth would be to have a plan that is:

easy to know and implement
written in plain English so everyone understands it, and
compliant to ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management Systems requirements

If you do not have the expertise or resources to write a plan from scratch, you are able to get a Project Quality Management Plan (QMP) with all those attributes on the web.
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