Amazon Kindle 2 - The Near Perfect E-book Reader

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The second-newest iteration of Amazon's Kindle, a hardware system for storing and reading e-books, continues the line's tradition of quality.
The Amazon Kindle 2 is a large improvement over the original Kindle, especially in terms of design.
It is about half as thick as the original Kindle, and in this smaller package, it sports even more memory.
It contains 2GB of memory, where the original only had 250 MB.
It can store up to 1,500 non-illustrated e-books.
In addition to that, the Amazon Kindle 2 has a longer battery life, a twenty percent faster refreshing rate, adjustable font size, and an option to have text read aloud.
It is compatible with both Mac and Windows software, and you can even listen to MP3 files on it.
It also has its own wireless network, called Whispernet, so you do not need to hook it up to a PC or scour for regular wireless networks to get started.
The Kindle Store has more than 300,000 books available in their store for purchase.
Nevertheless, this almost perfect device does have some flaws.
One of the biggest drawbacks to the new version is that, unlike the original Kindle, the Amazon Kindle 2 does not have a port for you to put SD cards in for additional memory.
Therefore, all you have is the in-built 2GB of memory on which to store books.
In addition, it does not support PDF files and Word documents, so you have to pay ten cents for every file that you want to convert.
Lastly, it does not come with a cover or case.
All protective cases for the Kindle 2 have to be bought separately.
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