Can You Lose Weight and Gain Muscle at the Same Time?

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Some people make the mistake of thinking they can lose weight and gain muscle at the same time.
After all, you'll need to eat fewer calories to lose weight, but you'll need more calories to gain muscle.
Doing both at the same time will get you nowhere -- although there is a loophole you can exploit.
You've probably heard of how some dieters vary their calorie intake every day, which keeps their metabolism from getting used to a routine -- which keeps it up and running, burning more calories.
The same concept can be used to "trick" your body to lose weight and gain muscle at the same time.
Here's how it goes.
For the first week, aim to lose weight.
Do this by cutting down on your calorie intake (preferably on a low-carb diet), doing more sets of exercises but at decreased weights, and including high-intensity interval training routines.
It's important not to stress your muscles to failure, though.
But on the second week, aim to gain muscle.
Now you can stock up on calories and protein, and do fewer sets of exercises but at increased weights.
Since your muscles now have optimum nutrition, you can work them out to failure.
And yes, you can start having pasta again this week! Rinse and repeat, and you'll have a fitness regimen that helps you lose weight and gain muscle -- not at the same time, of course, but you'll still get great results.
It'll also help if you find a good supplement that's suited for both weight loss and muscle gain, like Acai berry.
Acai will help you stay on track when trying your new fitness regimen out.
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