Church Sanctuary Easter Decorating Ideas

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    The Cross

    • Somewhere in the sanctuary you should have a cross. You could have a skilled carpenter create a large standing cross for the preaching platform. Nail three very large nails into the cross. Two at each end of the horizontal cross beams and one at the foot. You could hang a crown of thorns from the top vertical beam. Drape some royal-looking fabric---like a long purple window scarf---from one end of the horizontal beam to the other. The empty cross would not only be highly decorative but could serve as a visual aid during an Easter sermon. For small sanctuaries, you could set up a table and create a cross table scape of three crosses and some Easter flowers.

    Banners and Streamers

    • When Jesus rode into the city of Jerusalem before his crucifixion, he was met with a celebration. Children and adult followers took palm leaves and waved them at him in praise. This year, have some banners and streamers made for your sanctuary. Brightly colored banners could have the words "He is Risen" or "Hosanna" on them. You could even have a talented seamstress sew a banner with a mosaic cross or Easter lilies. Glue some pretty fabric streamers to some wooden dowels. Place them in buckets at the front of the sanctuary. Easter worshipers will love looking at the brightly colored streamers and may even be prompted to use them.

    Floral Arrangements

    • Easter lilies are lovely with their white blossoms and sweet smell. Place them in decorative pots and set them around the sanctuary. You could line the bottom of the pulpit with lilies and even place them at entrances and exits. Create an arrangement for the communion table. Use white, purple, and yellow flowers to create an arrangement. Insert some cross or dove picks into the floral arrangement for a little more Easter beauty. On your church pews, you could add floral bouquets to each end cap. Use some silk flowers to create end caps that hang with ribbons of purple.

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