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According to Google Health: "ADHD is a problem with inattentiveness, over-activity, impulsivity, or a combination.
For these problems to be diagnosed as ADHD, they must be out of the normal range for the child's age and development.
" I sometimes have this problem (not nearly as bad as others) and you are soon to find out just how bad my ADHD was with my little theme adventure.
Ugh, writing this brings back some nightmares.
So, I started this blog a little over three weeks-hard to believe it has already been that long; time really flies when you are having fun huh? huh? Nevermind-just for the sport of it.
When you start up a new blog you have to find a theme that fits your tastes, and sort of resembles what your site represents.
My blog (sorry for the repetition of the word) is not involved with a certain niche so a theme that resembles my site is not easy to come by.
I began with the Motion theme for about two weeks or so, and everything was all fine and dandy.
The more I examined the color scheme and layout, it became clear to me how boring and bland everything seemed-no offense to those who use this theme; it looks great with your content:).
There was just too much green, and everything (links, pictures, etc.
) seemed to blend in with the background, which would begin to put some strain on my eyes.
See Motion users, it's just a personal issue that makes me insane in the membrane-oh yes, I busted that doozy of a line out.
Next, I came across the Garland theme.
I really liked the customization of the color scheme and the three column layout.
I had numerous widgets in the left and right sidebar, and I thought I was pretty awesome for the accomplishment.
Here is where the problems began to arise.
I will provide you with a numbered list of the steps I took to find the final layout.
I: 1.
Started with the header being red fading into black.
Then switched the black and red around.
Didn't like the black over the red, so I switched them back.
Then switched all of the links to #b72a31 (darker red).
Previewed post.
Didn't like the red, so I went back to theme options.
Switched the red to #2a3cb7 (darker blue) 8.
Then did the same with the links.
Previewed post and liked what I saw.
Then messed around with the widgets.
Added Feeds, recent comments, recent posts, favorite posts, archives, random sites, email subscription, recent readers (MyBlogLog), and meta.
Previewed post and like what I saw.
I may have put more time into editing my theme's options, rather than posting any new articles.
I had Garland for maybe a week and realized I had way too much shit going on.
Another change needed to be made, so today I did just that.
I am now working with the INove theme and everything is fantastic.
Everything is simple, yet sleek, with a few nice features (i.
the feed reader drop down list with the RSS button).
The sidebar is less cluttered, and I don't have to sit here and worry about editing the color scheme because..
you can't edit it..
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