2000 Buick Le Sabre Starter Replacement Instructions

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    • 1). Disconnect the cable from the negative battery terminal. This will eliminate the potential of being shocked while handling the starter's electrical connections. It also disengages the engine's cooling fan, which can start up even when the car is turned off, causing injury. Wait at least 15 minutes after disengaging the negative battery cable before proceeding.

    • 2). The starter is near the front of the engine, by the transmission. Look for the two main bolts that connect the starter to the flywheel. If you are unsure what a starter looks like, it is about half the size of a football and the only car part with two cylindrical metal pieces joined together, one larger than the other. You also can trace the electrical wire from the red battery terminal, which splits shortly past the battery housing, with one part going to the alternator and the other leading to the starter.

    • 3). Using a socket wrench, remove the two small nuts holding the wires to the starter. This will provide more room to work with the bolts connecting the starter to the flywheel. Also remove the electrical connection tab that goes from the car's electrical system to the starter itself.

    • 4). Remove the plastic cover behind the starter. Use a Phillips-head screwdriver to remove the three screws for the plastic cover. These screws are also shaped as bolts, so if you have trouble accessing them with a screwdriver, you can use a socket tool with a pivot head.

    • 5). Use a socket wrench to remove the bolts connecting the starter to the flywheel and lift off the starter. You now can bring it to an auto parts store for free testing and credit for its core if you buy a replacement.

    • 6). Insert the replacement starter into your Le Sabre. Use a socket wrench to tighten the bolts. Clip the electrical connection tab of the new starter to the tab running from the car's electrical system. Screw into place the plastic covering behind the starter. Crank the car to see if it starts. If it does not, you may have improperly aligned the starter with the flywheel. Remove the starter and reinsert again.

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