5 Pleasant Ways to Chill Out

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Having a business, faced every day with the unknown and with having to constantly make choices for which you know what the consequences, although unforeseen now are going to come back to you is just not easy.
So, what do you do to enjoy the moment and still be in the midst of a hectic results driven busy day? Few things come to mind: 1.
Laughter Yoga - As a well being workout, the laughter yoga is a combination of laughing for no reason and yogic breathing.
Even if the laughter is not real but faked the positive results for the body are the same.
And which is great - it does not need much time or practice to crate a sense of well being and better health.
For more information, go to 2.
Sound Healing with Tibetan singing bowls - like a real blonde I was really hoping to see some real singing bowls but I didn't get this chance.
However, I was pleasantly surprised how using the vibrational sound of bowls can really reduce the stress quickly, bring in sense of peace, and is used even in pain management.
It does look strange but it sounds heavenly.
Holosync Meditation - Subliminals are audio or visual messages that exposed to your brain so fast that you don't hear or see the messages but your brain does register them.
Since the meditation is one of the most powerful ways to release stress and bring in a peaceful state of mind, what could be a better way to have the sound, the music, the affirmations, all in one place and all you have to do is sit back and enjoy.
Practice of Sahaj Samadhi Meditation - Sahaj means natural, effortless and Samadhi is meditative state of mind.
Sahaj Samadhi is a natural, effortless meditation that centres the mind into itself and helps you have a rested feeling in less than 30 min a day.
While the mind is focused on breathing all worries from the past or for the future are dispersed into the present moment.
Tai chi chuan - Tai Chi is strangely enough a Chinese martial art.
It's not famous for that though.
What it's known for is slow motion dancelike practice easily spotted in the parks around the world in the morning.
It is like a mediation in motion and is beneficial to the human health and well-being by clearing the blockages in the energy system of the body.
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