95% Of Online Marketing Businesses Fail

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It's disturbing but 95% of internet marketing business start-ups end in failure.
This is true with any business online or off.
For that matter it's true if someone starts out to be a doctor, lawyer, rock star or politician.
Maybe it's really 95% of people fail in life and not in internet marketing.
If these figures are accurate, there are no doubt many predictable factors involved.
You can bet that at least one reason for failure is the lack of a well thought out business plan.
Typically in our rush to achieve a quick financial fix we chase one dead end "opportunity" after another without the benefit of a plan or roadmap.
I've seen it described as, "get your slice of the PIE!" Plan-Implement-Evaluate.
Simply put, write a description of your business, what you want to achieve, why, how and when.
Be as specific as possible and implement your plan.
Evaluate your results, tweak and make necessary revisions over and over.
Is it simple? Yes.
Will you get results? Yes.
It does take time though.
To make it you have to be patient and stick with your plan.
If you believe in it, it will come around.
You can't jump from one opportunity to the other and make money consistently.
I've lost money jumping from opportunity to opportunity only to make very little progress for my efforts.
I thought that the grass was greener elsewhere.
I have made many mistakes along the way and I have failed more times than I can remember.
I know better now and only read sales letters that coincide with my present business or enhance my marketing skills to get more sales, etc.
A typical "HOW TO MAKE 10,000 IN 30 DAYS! LET A NETWORK MARKETING GURU TEACH YOU HOW!" Nearly every internet marketing site is a quick sell sales page and very few really teach anything about what it really takes to build a successful business.
It is time for honest people with a sense of personal You also need to be persistent and determined to succeed.
Three things I've learned over time are to decide what I want, take consistent action and be persistent.
Persistence is one of those keys to success.
When something doesn't work learn new ways to achieve the result you want..
The truth is it takes hard work to build a business! You need to understand business, money, cash-flow, re-investing, leadership, marketing, etc.
You can't just throw up an ad and expect the money to come rolling in.
If you are willing to pay the price necessary to build a real business there are plenty of opportunities online.
If you are looking for instant cash with no effort, prepare to fail.
Many people are turning to Internet marketing thinking that it's going to be the easy way out.
Then when the reality hits them that they are really going to have to work and spend money, they wind up quitting or getting stuck in a cycle of jumping from one opportunity to the next.
They fail because they never had a solid plan, lacked direction and persistence.
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