Different Types of Long Beach Bail Bonds

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If you can't raise the needed money to bail out your loved one, you can contact Hermosa Beach bail bonds companies to shoulder the cost. The procedure is quite simple and the paperwork takes only about 15 minutes. You don't even have to be present and experience the trauma of dealing with the police and the magistrates. Once you agreed with the bonds agent, your loved one will be delivered right at your doorstep. There are several types of bail bonds that you should be aware of:

Secured Appearance

More commonly known as the secured bond. This refers to the process of obtaining the money (bail) or property (bond) to get the defendant out of jail immediately. The bail bond serves as a guarantee for the courts that the defendant will appear in his trail. As is usually the case, the amount involved is prohibitive that the family of the defendant may seek the help of a third party. The reason why bonds agents are popular is because of the easy payment scheme, which typically means monthly fixed payments at no-interest rates until the principal is settled.

Property bond

If you have no money to bail out the defendant, you can to post your real property as bond. This includes your house, building or land that are unencumbered, meaning they are paid for in full. In case the value of the property is not enough to cover the amount of bail, you can ask Hawthorne bail bonds to cover the balance so your loved one can immediately get out of jail.

Cash bond

Only licensed Redondo Beach bail bonds companies can post the cash bond in your behalf. This works if the defendant has no property to speak of, or if the property he owns is still tied to a mortgage or credit. The bond agent will cover the cost but will ask for a 10% premium as its service fee. The 10% is set by the California insurance department is non-negotiable and non-refundable. The law also doesn't obligate the bonds agent into giving back your cash bond in case your case is dismissed.

When the offense is considered very minor and the offender has no prior arrests, the court will accept what is called the €written promise to appear.€ Although there's still a corresponding amount associated with the offense, the defendant may not pay as a requirement for his release. In this case, you don't really need the representation from Hawthorne bail bonds agents.
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