Blueberries Keep Away the Blues

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Blueberries can possibly keep the health blues away in the same way that apples keep the doctor away, as suggested by what we are learning about them. They are only beaten by newly known exotics like Brazil's acai, which is expensive, hard to obtain, and usually only sold as a frozen pulp or in juices. The dark blue color contains phenols called anthocyanins, which are flavanoids possessing strong antioxidant characteristics.

Blueberries also contain considerable levels of vitamin C, manganese, and fiber. They are low in calories and won't cause blood sugar spikes. They are good for the heart since the anthocyanins soothe the blood vessels. The dark pigment may also lower blood cholesterol. They also are anticancerous. The blueberry antioxidants have been shown to prevent colon and ovarian cancer. Something in berries is seems to protect against some of the more unpleasant aspects of Alzheimer's disease. They also contain lutein which helps night vision as well as the prevention of age related macular degeneration. Blueberries also contain substances which prevent bacteria adhering to the bladder wall, thus preventing urinary tract infections.

Blueberries full of fiber. If you have ever gone on a blueberry eating binge, you know that they promote healthy bowel movements. The dark blue or purple pigment will be imparted to your feces after you evacuate your bowel. Don't be alarmed because this is normal.

Fresh blueberries can be found in the supermarket but they are usually costly. You can get a better deal if you choose the frozen ones. The frozen ones taste great and are better for smoothies since they are already frozen and there is no need to add ice. Pour some frozen berries in a bowl and let them thaw at room temperature. On a hot summer day you can eat them like little ice drops, allowing them to melt in your mouth. Frozen berries are an outstanding summer treat! The frozen berries also can act as edible ice cubes to cool a glass of water or other gentle tasting beverage like unsweetened or even sweetened) iced tea, but with a treat when you reach the bottom of the glass.

These blue nuggets are one of nature's true masterpieces. They are sweet, delightful, low glycemic, cancer inhibiting, and just plain healthy. You cannot go wrong with blueberries and you can get them year round if opt for the frozen ones. Get some blueberries today.

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