Wrongful Death: When Personal Injury Goes Out of Hand

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In 2007, America bore witness to one of the most fatal shootouts in history €" and it all happened on Virginia Tech. A lone gunman went on a shooting frenzy using two pistols to rack up 32 kills and graze 25 people. Five years later, the school just lost its wrongful death case, with the court forcing them to pay the families of the victims.

In law, a wrongful death happens when one person is a casualty of wrong conduct by the other. In the case of the Virginia Tech shootout, 57 people became casualties as a result of a gunman's bloodlust. The gunman's motive for spraying bullets all over campus is still a baffling mystery for many. Still, no matter what the reason behind it is, this is clearly an act of wrongful behavior that left ruin in its wake.

So why is Virginia Tech liable for the shootout when the gunman was the direct perpetrator of the crime? This is because it is the duty of the school to ensure the welfare of its pupils within the campus grounds. The gunman cannot be sued since he committed suicide after the shootout.

In this case, the families of shootout casualties have the right to claim wrongful death. It was found out that the school could've reacted quicker to at least lessen the damage done by the gunman. The court verdict ordered Virginia Tech to award the families $4 million in damages each.

Other just cases for wrongful death can also include injury or death by faulty products, medicine not properly concocted, and so on. The victim must prove that he sustained injuries as a result of these products to effectively file a claim to a Utah personal injury lawyer. In the case of the shootout, the findings of the court pointed to negligence on the part of Virginia Tech. Laxity can be just as deadly as murder.

America has learned much from the grim incident, with additional laws and provisions currently in effect. The experience should be enough to make a note that you deserve just compensation for an incident you never thought would happen. It's best to consult a personal injury lawyer Utah has to offer for wrongful death or personal injury cases.

More information about the latest verdict on the shootout can be found in News.Yahoo.com. To add up on that info, you can also visit LawBrain.com to know what wrongful death is and when it is ideal to file a claim. Ask Utah personal injury lawyers for extra legal advice.
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