Filing Fees for Divorce in Illinois

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    • Pay one of the first filing fees for divorce in Illinois to the county Circuit Clerk. The Court of the Circuit Clerk handles state criminal and civil issues. The party requesting the divorce must file required paperwork and pay all administrative fees, which vary by county. According to Illinois legal services, total administrative costs range between $250 to $300. File the Application To Sue As A Poor Person with the clerk's office to possibly have all administrative fees waived.


    • Include the notification process in filing fees for divorce in Illinois. The party requesting the divorce must inform their spouse. A sheriff's deputy delivers copies of the divorce documents to the spouse's last known address. When the spouse cannot be found or will not accept paperwork, place an announcement in the county newspaper of record to serve as notification. Ads must be placed 45 days before the hearing date. Include the county where the case was filed and the location of the courthouse. Announcements cost around $50. File the Motion to Waive Publication Costs to possibly have publication fees waived.


    • Obtaining legal counsel is another one of the major filing fees for divorce in Illinois. Lawyers give clients an indication of how long the divorce process will take. A retainer covers future case expenses. In some cases the judge may issue a ruling that states legal fees for both parties be paid for entirely by the defendant or the plaintiff. According to Illinois divorce forums, average legal fees are between $50 and $1,000 per hour.


    • Divorce experts remind clients to include miscellaneous items when considering filing fees for divorce in Illinois. One or both parties may seek new living arrangements, which creates additional expenses. In addition, personal time and lost wages due to the administrative process can be extensive. Divorce support organizations remind clients that initial divorce paperwork takes between 5 and 10 hours to complete. Gathering information for submission to attorneys during normal business hours interferes with the average work day.

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