Local bookies moving to Pay per head services

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Technology is on the side of bookmakers all around the country. The legal issues that bookies have had to deal with have pushed them to find ways to protect and expand their sports betting and gambling businesses. The internet have open new doors for them to continue taking bets from their players without the hassle of having to write down tickets, answer phones and keeping book records of every wager the sports bettor places.

 Thanks to the service known as Pay per head, or price per head sportsbooks, bookies can continue taking action from their players by simply allowing them to place their wagers through a secure website, usually hosted in places such as Costa Rica or Panama, where gambling is illegal. Bettors can also access up-to-the-minute information about the games and line changes from practically anywhere.

Bookies receive many benefits from using a Pay per head provider; the ability of access up-to-date reports showing players winnings and loses, pending bets, and player balances will keep them informed of the profitability of their book like never before.

These Pay per head sportsbook don't handle any money between the player and the sportsbook though, that is still handled locally between the bookie and the bettor, this alone provides a great mix of technology and hand-to-hand relationship that players highly prefer. Nobody likes sending money to and offshore location or giving their credit card number to some unknown organization. With the Pay per head business model the player still has to go to his bookie to pay and collect while still enjoying the technological advantages that only a full-fledged Price per head shop is able to offer.

Because all of this the Pay per head industry is growing exponentially as more and more bookies are deciding to move their operation to a secure and competitive location while still maintaining every level of control of how their sportsbook operation is managed.

Pay per head services provide local bookies the option to turn their focus back to recruiting players and expanding their business while outsourcing the heavy work of having to set up lines, monitor line changes, be in constant look out for player injuries and anything else that happens on the sports world. Additionally these price per head shops will only charge the bookie for active players, meaning only players which lay action on the week . All this advantages make pay per head services a very attractive option for the local bookie.
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