Cuisinart Toaster Ovens New Convenience in the Kitchen

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Cuisinart has recently introduced their new series of toaster ovens. There is a major difference with these new models, they are now offering the option of convection baking. Until recently this has never been available in toaster ovens and this will put a new meaning to level of efficiency for the people who use them in the kitchen.

If you have ever tried cooking or baking with a convection oven you will understand why professional chefs use them? The main reason restaurants have been using them for years is quite simple, they are far more efficient and more cost effective than your normal conventional oven. You are able to cook foods at a lower temperatures (about 25 degrees cooler), the food is cooked evenly, and in less time (about 25% quicker). The secret is convection ovens have the more uniform heat distribution because of the fan that keeps the air circulating, which you do not have that with the conventional oven. This typically causes the hot spots to form in the back of the conventional oven since the hot air will just sit there and not movie. This will cause the temperature to become significantly hotter in the back of the oven than in the front (heat escapes when you open the oven door). With the hot spots removed the finished product is usually much better in both appearance and taste and you do not have to worry about "turning a pie" or rotating a pizza.

One of the models Cuisinart has, the TOB 195 has so many features and yes it will still toast bread, it is like having a second oven. This model has 4 versatile cooking options and is large enough to bake a 12 inch pizza. It has the broiler function, the toast function and the convection bake. Some of the other features included in this model are the "exact heat TM sensor", the "total touch touchpad controls" and an auto shut off feature. These features makes cooking with Cuisinart makes it easier because of the flexibility it provides the cook. It is also more energy efficient than your stove, which will save you money when it comes to your energy bill.

The one constant that Cuisinart has shown over the years is the high quality of material and workmanship that goes into all their products. It does not matter if it is a lower end blender or a larger high end appliance, tho some models may not have all the gadgets and extras as the one sitting next to it on the shelf, but they are all built to last. Cuisinart's toaster ovens are about the same in sizes and price ranges as a microwave so they are very affordable and all of the Cuisinart's toaster ovens come with a very good 3 year limited warranty, which shows how much confidence Cuisinart has in its products.

With several models to choose from, the wide range of features, sizes and prices. There will be a model that will meet any budget or need. So if you are interested in learning more, go to to get all information about the new and vast improved Cuisinart toaster ovens.
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