How to Stop Bullying Using Increased Self Confidence!

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To define bullying or offer up a bullying definition is quite easy.
Put very simply, bullying is normally regarded as the act of someone stronger or in a stronger position putting undue and often unrelenting pressure on another person in the way of taunts, slander, gossip or other mental abuse as well as the physical torment of hitting, fighting, kicking, beating or other forms of physical abuse.
As above, a bullying definition is easy to give however a bullying solution is not so easy to come by.
It seems as though everyday in our news reports we hear of yet another story of tragedy resulting from the cowardly acts of bullies torturing their victims.
Whether it is mental or physical, in person or online, bullying seems to be on the rise and also rising is the personal cost that these bullying victims and their families must pay.
It seems that as we have embraced the ever increasing amounts of technology, so too have we unwittingly invited the bullies of the world - now more commonly known as cyber bully's - so much more readily into our home.
There are countless bullying stories of abuse and torment but sadly, not so many solutions.
There are a few bullying programs available out there and many schools as part of their school bullying policy and procedures now undergo anti bullying activities as part of their curriculum.
This is fantastic and a great start however there is a simple life skill that potential or actual victims of bullying can learn and utilise to ensure they are never picked as a target in the first place.
The secret weapon in your dealing with bullies' arsenal is so simple but is insanely effective - SELF CONFIDENCE! YES! It really can be that simple! In most cases, the traditional bully is usually a coward, full of insecurities and feelings of low self esteem and self worth and that is exactly how they pick their targets - by finding potential victims that suit the same or similar profile.
By dominating and bullying this "target" they are able to (in theory) feel better about themselves.
Taking this principle further, it makes sense then to assume that a bully searching for potential targets will never, ever, pick someone who is healthily confident, has great self esteem and has the ability to stand up for themselves and what they believe in.
The target is just too hard! Like a lion in the jungle that preys on the sick, the weak, the very young or the very old, so too does the bully hunt on people with similar qualities and characteristics.
You or your child might say "But I have no confidence, it's just not in me, it's not the way I'm wired!" Do not resign yourself to having low self esteem and little self confidence because the truly great thing about learning this awesome life skill is that once you have lit the spark, flames will come and come quickly at a surprisingly fast rate! The key here is simply getting started.
Once you have begun your confidence building exercises you will start to notice rapid changes in yourself and if you fully commit to such a program then no bully will ever target you again!
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