How to Put Peeling Tiles on the Floor

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    • 1). Thoroughly clean the entire floor with a degreaser agent. It is important to have a clean, dry floor for the adhesive to stick properly.

    • 2). Pour the primer into a disposable paint tray and apply it with a paint roller. Use the product recommended by the peel-and-stick tile manufacturer or a salesperson.

    • 3). Find the center point of the floor by snapping a chalk line across the floor from one end of the room to the other in two or three places. The chalk lines will cross at the center point.

    • 4). Place a tile on the center area of the floor with the edge of a corner touching the center mark. Arrange two to three rows of tile to see how the pattern looks. Stand back and look at the area of the room that will be the primary viewing point. The tile should be parallel with a nearby wall. When you have established the tile arrangement, you are ready to begin the peel-and-stick process.

    • 5). Pull the paper backing slowly and firmly from the center tile. Start by applying with one corner onto the clean floor and press it down. When the square is in the correct position, smooth over the tile with a wallpaper rolling tool. Mark the tiles that must be shortened to fit the space and cut them with a vinyl tile cutter or utility knife.

    • 6). Permanently place tiles, working on a diagonal or step pattern, to keep the floor on square. Roll over each tile with a wallpaper roller. Roll the completed floor to ensure every tile has been pressed to the surface.

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