Tools & Utilities for the Sansa Clip 2G

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    • The Sansa Clip is a versatile music and audio mp3player. The sleek player comes in an array of colors and offers users a multitude of choices for music playing, music management, audio recording and more. The 15-hour battery life, built-in microphone and belt clip provide above-average portability and style.

    Audio Player

    • The Sansa Clip offers music lovers the ability to listen to a variety of digital music. The Clip supports digital audio files in the following formats: MP3; WAV; WMA; secure WMA; FLAC; Ogg-Vorbis; and audiobook file format. It also plays music from an external, pre-loaded microSD slot. The Clip can organize files by songs, artists, albums, genres, playlists, podcasts and music.

    Radio Player

    • The Sansa Clip is equipped with a built-in FM radio tuner, allowing users to listen to live FM radio programs. Stations may be set to favorites, or the user may search for stations using the scan function. Moreover, Sansa Clip plays slotRadio cards, purchased separately.


    • The voice recorder feature records sounds using the Clip's built-in microphone. The user may playback the recording easily by pressing the Clip's playback button. After recording, the Sansa Clip asks the user whether to save the recording; recorded files are conveniently stored in the "Record/Voice" folder.

    EQ Feature

    • The EQ feature, or equalizer mode, offers the user enhanced music quality settings. Some of the EQ selections include Rock, Classical, Jazz, Full Bass, Full Treble and Hip Hop. The user may also create a custom EQ quality setting.

    Internal Memory

    • The internal memory space of the Sansa Clip varies depending on the model. Models may be equipped with 1GB, 2GB, 4GB or 8GB storage space. The addition of external microSD cards adds even more storage space.

    System Settings

    • Besides the variety of music and audio options, the Sansa Clip sports some nice settings choices. The Clip includes a backlight for viewing the screen and a brightness adjustment for better viewing. The power saver mode turns off the player when idle. Users may set the language, date and time. The sleep function turns off the player after a set time. And the Clip can be tethered to the computer for battery recharging and synchronization of files.

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