How to Prevent Excessive Sweating Easily!

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So you want to learn how to get rid of Excessive Sweat, (or at least I hope so, sweating while working out, while annoying, is normal, this article of course only deals with excessive sweat.
) well fortunately you have come to the right page! You are not alone with your problem, I know this because I too have been there.
It's not fun, walking around work was definitely not a fun activity for me.
But this isn't about me, this is all about you! Now that I am cured I am here to tell you what helped me so that you can get rid of this problem.
Here are some ways on how to prevent excessive sweat.
Get some Hydration
Yes drink more water, that doesn't mean soda or caffeinated products.
Both of these will actually cause you to sweat more then less.
Weird that drinking more water will actually cause your body to sweat less.
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Get a Fan At Work
Put a fan on your desk, not only does this feel nice and comfortable, your body will not sweat as much as you keep it cool.
Definitely a must if you work at a desk.
Lose Stress
Yeah, this is a big one.
Try to keep your stress to a minimum, your body will ten to perspire more as your stress levels raise.
Learn to keep yourself under control, go buy a stress ball.
These should get you well on your way to learning how to prevent excessive sweat! You can also try out some other things such as dieting and jogging if you are larger, or getting special deodorants that doctors give.
I have found both of these things to be trouble, but they may work for you.
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