Explore Japan in a Unique Way With Tailor Made Japanese Vacation Packages

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Discovering a country like Japan with its diverse landscapes, world heritage sites and lots of unique cultural activities is not really simple.
Thus you need to plan in advance which all places you want to cover in your tour itinerary.
Getting in touch with an experienced tour organizer who has thorough knowledge about Japan's attractive spots is a must.
They will help in designing Japanese vacation packages including all unique and beautiful locations.
Further, they will make sure that you get introduced to Japanese history, culture and have an idea about their everyday lifestyle too.
A detailed discussion is needed before deciding the tour plan.
Those who are first time visitors and are interested in a well balanced tour program including Japan's main cities, mountainous terrains, islands and heritage sites can opt for specific Japanese vacation packages.
Ideally the ro¬ute best suited fo¬r ¬f¬irst time vi¬sitors can include:- 1.
A visit to the main city of Tokyo includes full day sightseeing.
Usually favorite spots covered are Ginza, Shinjuku, Shibuya, Rainbow Bridge, Odaiba, Tsukiji Fish Market, Museums, temples and the city's modern infrastructure.
A trip to Mt Fuji / Hakone offers full day sightseeing of Hakone including breathtaking views of Mt Fuji, Owakudani and Sounzan.
You can enjoy traditional Japanese dinner and a hot spring bath at your ryokan.
A visit to Kyoto includes trips to world heritage sites like temples and shrines and beautiful zen gardens.
Further, the trip includes attending tea ceremony and Geisha/ Meiko district walking tours.
A trip to Miyajima Island is recommended for its world famous heritage site of Itsukushima or floating shrine.
A tour of Hiroshima is also included in between.
Those who don't want to go with the tour operator's program can opt for self guided tours of Japan.
Thus you can explore the place at your own pace but still can get things organized like accommodation, transport facilities, local guides, information about festival and events, etc.
If needed, you can always consult the tour planner to have an idea about best routes to take and attractive places to see.
There are many tourists who are keen on exploring the rustic beauty and charm of old Japan.
Japanese vacation packages which concentrate on lost or ¬forgotten Japan will offer the ideal flavor and help in capturing the peace, tranquility and awesome beauty of Japan.
These trips provide the perfect opportunity to discover the country with a Japan rail pass covering Kyoto, Tokyo, Kisko valley, Takayama and many such beautiful locations.
A visit to Matsumoto castle, old merchant houses, Takayama Jinya, i.
, old government building, Higashi chaya district i.
, samurai/geisha houses will introduce you to the hidden and lost beauty of Japan.
Get acquainted with their washi-paper making and soba noodles making techniques.
Visit the local morning market and take some time out to visit their old farmhouses.
This unique trip will no doubt keep a long lasting impression in your mind.
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