How to Get Your Employment History Report

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    • 1). Obtain Form SSA-7050-F4 (Request for Social Security Earnings Information) from the Social Security Administration's website. Select the Detailed Earnings Information box and the number of employment years you want the report to include. The report gives you names and addresses of your employers and the employment time frame. Use the fee chart included with the form to determine your cost. Your price depends on the number of years you request. Send the form and your payment to the SSA office stated on the form.

    • 2). Ask your present or past employers for a copy of your employment history. When you applied for other jobs, you most likely completed an application form on which you included your employment history. Additionally, your employer may be able to give you a copy of the background check it performed on you, which includes your employment record.

    • 3). Have a background check done on yourself. The check can reveal comprehensive data about you, such as credit, driving, criminal and civil records; personal references; drug test records; employment history; education history; property ownership; and medical, bankruptcy and vehicle records. Your fee depends on the company and the extent of the search.

    • 4). Contact the Internal Revenue Service for copies of your W-2 transcripts if you do not have your W-2s. Your W-2 shows your wages and taxes withheld for the year, the employer that submitted it and the related tax year. To request a free W-2 transcript, you can call the IRS. Or complete and mail (or fax) IRS Form 4506-T.

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