Sugar May Taste Sweet But it is Hardly Harmless

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Sugar may taste sweet but it is hardly the harmless substance many people believe it to be, especially in high doses.
Refined sugar in the large doses we consume, may be one of the worst poisons we put into our bodies.
Sugar blocks your body's immune response for between four and six hours.
That means your body is more likely to fall prey to the thousands of viruses, bacteria, and other infectious diseases present in our environment and in ourbodies during that time.
Although we are quick to blame those pesky pathogens, we rarely look to that decadent triple chocolate cake or that scrumptious sundae.
You are more vulnerable to bacterial and viral infections after consuming sweets because your white blood cells are unable to function properly to fight these foreign invaders.
Plenty of studies link sugar consumption to cancer, hormonal disruptions, arthritis, diabetes, osteoporosis, cataracts, and many other degenerative diseases, the list of which is massive.
Sugar makes the pH in your body very acidic.
Countless studies link acidic body chemistry with disease.
The same diseases that thrive in an acidic body rarely exist if the body is returned to a more neutral pH.
In the case of osteoporosis, your body recognizes that acidic blood can cause damage to your arteries, organs, and central nervous system.
In its wisdom, your body recognizes that drawing calcium from the bones neutralizes the body's pH.
This mechanism is fine for short-term amounts of acidity but it is a contributing factor to osteoporosis over the long term.
Sugar also contains over sixty synthetic chemicals left over from the many processes it endures to transform a thick, fibrous, brownish stalk of sugar cane into the white crystalline substance we call sugar.
Although you will not find bleach, deodorizers, and all kinds of other garbage listed on the label, you would find it present in small amounts if you took some sugar to a laboratory for analysis.
Not to mention that government regulations insist that white sugar must have all the vitamins and minerals removed so that it can be labelled sucrose.
These nutrients and fibre waste products are the substances that help your body digest sugar without massive blood sugar fluctuations.
If you try to ignore the roots of toxicity, you got a timebomb for cancer or other degenerative diseases waiting to manifest.
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Colon cleansing will eliminate toxins from your cells, tissues, organs, and organ systems.
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