Will RSS Benefit My SEO?

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Really simple syndication (RSS) allows you to receive regular updates from sites you are interested in.
This means instead of you having to bookmark your favorite sites and remembering to check them, subscribing to a blog allows you to fine tune your online experiences.
From a user perspective this means you can keep up to date with local news, track prices on Amazon, discover new recipes from your favorite chef, whatever you are interested in there is someone out there willing to expand your knowledge on the subject.
How does this relate to SEO? There are numerous factors that influence your search engine rankings.
Among these, regularly updated relevant content, time spent on site, number of backlinks, and amount of search engine traffic your site receives will positively influence your rankings.
A news feed will help tick all the above boxes.
RSS feeds more likely to be indexed faster, as Google will realise it contains consistent relevant content.
You might wonder why this is important...
It gives you a clear advantage over your competitors, for example if you were a plumber at the time of the government announced its boiler scrappage scheme, and your site is regularly updated and therefore indexed first (unlike the rest that are still being indexed monthly), it doesn't take a genius to work out who takes advantage of the first listings.
Last week I mentioned that 1/5 internet users are uncomfortable buying online, building a 'relationship' with clients and suppliers will install that trust to buy.
From an SEO perspective using RSS feed as a communication method we are able to generate keyword-rich content and support those all important long-tail keywords, at the same time allowing for on going communication with clients and suppliers, this in turn builds trust and an established reputation.
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