Empowered From Within - 5 Mindsets to "Drink" From the Unlimited Supply

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The Unlimited Universal Supply provides for the sustenance of all of us - whether its human, animal, plant etc.
- there's more than enough for us all to live completely satisfied lives.
If this is so then why do we struggle so much? Why then does it seem like there's so much lack and insufficiency? The answer lies in the way we see things, our perspective.
What we fill our 'eyes' with, what we see, what we focus on materializes in our lives.
So if we focus on the 'not enoughness' in our lives, our lack, then we move in that direction.
How then do we 'drink' from the unlimited supply that all our needs are met? Here are 5 mindsets to develop.
Mindset #1 - Conscious awareness of the Unlimited Universal Supply Even though we may already be aware of the Unlimited Universal Supply, many times we tend to neglect this knowledge and shift our focus back to our limitations and insufficiencies.
This mindset blocks us from experiencing this unlimited supply being experienced in our lives.
Mindset #2 - Conscious awareness of your oneness with the Unlimited Universal Supply When we are consciously aware of our oneness with the Unlimited Universal Supply we feel empowered from within.
Our focus is not on what we can't do or can't have or on the impossible, but on what we see that's possible for us through the power of the Spirit.
This is quite liberating.
We see our connectedness to the Supply and flow that constantly moves in and through us.
Mindset #3 - Conscious awareness that all you need has already been provided Because we know that we are connected to the Universal Supply, everything we need is already available for us and for our usage.
Expect that the supply will manifest itself.
Know that it will show up at the right time and keep an eye out for its arrival.
Steer clear of the debris of doubt so that is does not block the path of your provision.
Mindset #4 - Conscious awareness that you can never exhaust the Universal Supply You don't have to be concerned about exhausting this supply.
It is never ending no matter how many of us drink from its fountain.
More will be provided to sustain and meet the demand.
The only shortage is in our own minds.
Mindset #5 - Think Big It's time to revive those dreams you've neglected because you thought they were too grand for you or because you feel that you couldn't ever realize them.
Think big and allow the Unlimited Supply to bring the tools, the people, the conditions you need for your dreams fulfillment.
Look to the Unlimited Supply instead of consulting with your limitations.
See your dream manifest through the eyes of faith.
Your dream, no matter how grand you think it is, is still small and as a drop in the bucket when you consider the scope of all things.
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