Setting Up a Home Theater System

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    • 1). Place the front left and right speakers on each side of the TV. The speakers should be labeled LF and RF. The center speaker produces mostly dialog and should be placed above the TV screen. Rear left and right surround speakers go in the back of the room behind the seating area. The powered subwoofer can be placed on the floor within connecting distance of the receiver, depending on the cable length.

    • 2). Cut speaker wire for each speaker, long enough to connect from its rear terminals to the back of the AV receiver. Strip 1/2 inch of insulation from both ends of each wire.

    • 3). Connect the two wires on each end from the positive and negative terminals on the back of the speaker to the terminals marked for that speaker on the back of the receiver. For example, the right front speaker connects to the RF terminals on the receiver. Use the same wire to connect positive to positive and the other wire to connect between the negative terminals.

    • 4). Connect the subwoofer cable's 1/4-inch plug on each end to the sub output jack on the receiver and the jack on the back panel of the subwoofer.

    • 5). Insert one end of the video cable into the receiver's video-out jack and the other end into the TV's video-in jack. Different types of cables are available, depending on the TV and receiver connections. An HDMI cable for high-definition TV has a six-sided plug on each end. Component video uses three plugs (red, green and blue), and S-video has a round yellow plug on each end with four metal pins inside to line up the holes in the S-video socket.

    • 6). Connect the DVD player to the receiver by inserting the white, red and yellow plugs on each end of the AV cable into the matching jacks on the two components. Use the jacks on the receiver that are labeled for a DVD player, or any set of three AV inputs that might be labeled "Video 1" or "AUX Video," for example.

    • 7). Plug the power cords into a surge protector, then connect the surge protector to a wall outlet.

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