How to Make Manga Hair on the Computer

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Pencil Your Character's Hair

  • 1). Sketch a rough draft of a manga character's head using a pencil. Draw a circle with a vertical line running down its center to map the pose of the head. Draw the outline of the jawline and cheeks by extending their shape from the circle. Use your vertical line to map the point of your character's chin. Avoid adding inner details to the head, such as eyes, nose and mouth. Focus on getting a proportional figure which you can draw hair onto.

  • 2). Darken the outline of your character's cheeks and chin by tracing over your lines hard with a pencil. Draw a horizontal line across the middle of your character's head; this will map the placement of the eyes. Pencil in the character's ears, placing them just below the horizontal line. Sketch the character's neck by drawing two vertical lines underneath the jawline.

  • 3). Sketch the basic shape of the character's hair. Press lightly and follow the shape of the head to create an organic hairstyle. Avoid drawing bangs which will overlap the guideline mapping the position of the eyes. Add a manga feel to your hairstyle by drawing thick, jagged hair strands and hair strands which stick upward. Do not draw all the hairstrands going in the same direction -- change the direction of some hairstrands to give the hairstyle a more natural look.

  • 4). Erase any extra pencil marks and smudges found in your drawing. Draw the inner details of your hair using your pencil. Map out highlights by drawing curving, horizontal lines going across the character's bangs. Add more hairstrands to your character by drawing vertical lines inside the outline of the hair. Do not draw too much inner detail, however; keep both highlights and inner hairstrands as simple as possible.

  • 5). Review your drawing and adjust the hairstyle as you desire. Develop a unique look to your hair design by adding bows, pins and other hair accessories. Darken the hair by tracing over your lines with a pencil.

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