About the Toyota Camry

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    • The Toyota Camry offers some high-tech audio and display features.

      The Toyota Camry is available in several models. Toyota has consistently upgraded the car and occasionally phased out certain features, such as all wheel drive. The car now has front-wheel drive and comes in four trim levels, which gives it a bit of a sportier look. Power windows, door locks and mirrors and a high-end CD audio system are some of the more popular features in recent models. A plush interior and high scores in safety crash tests are other features that appeal to consumers.


    • Perhaps the greatest misconception about the Camry is also its greatest strength. Many believe that as long as the Camry is well maintained, it will run almost forever. Most auto reviewers believe 200,000 miles is the car's limit before major maintenance would be required. Some rumors abound that the Camry will undergo a face-lift, but Toyota seems intent on maintaining its style, which was upgraded in 2007. However, different trim features are now available.


    • One reason that the Toyota Camry was the top selling car in the U.S. for several years was due to its dependability and comfort. Auto reviewers, including those at U.S. News & World Report (www.usnews.rankingandreviews.com) agree with other critics that the Camry has consistently maintained a balance of performance, reliability and comfort. Combine those benefits and decent fuel economy with a price tag in the $20,000 range and many would call it a smart buy. Also. Toyota allows Camry buyers to "Build Your Own" Camry by choosing from an array of options ranging from sport leather-trimmed seats to a Smart-Key system


    • The Camry was introduced in 1983 as a box-shaped sedan and hatchback without frills. Its dependability and efficiency soon caught on with a wide array of family oriented consumers. In the late 1980s, Toyota gave the car a bit of a face-lift, and a four-door wagon replaced the hatchback. It wasn't until the 1990s that the car became more stylish. Still, surveys show it's the car's dependability and comfort that attract consumers.


    • Versions of the Camry are sometimes featured in NASCAR and other races. While those models perform well, the Camry's function is as a medium-priced, medium-sized family sedan. It offers a comfortable ride for four passengers. A large trunk and split, fold-down seats offer cargo space. There are two types of Camrys: The gas powered, traditional version, and the hybrid version that is powered by a combination of gasoline and electricity.

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