Healthy Water Is Essential To Life

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The human body is mostly water.
Brain = 75% Heart = 75%Lungs = 86%.
Human survival depends on water.
People can only survive 3 to 4 days without water.
To stay healthy and properly hydrated, doctors recommend drinking at least 8 glasses of water per day.
This essential element of life can be one of the most common conduits for harmful contaminants to enter the body.
On a daily basis, reports of drinking water contamination appear in magazines, newspapers, and in news programs on television.
Drinking water pollution is on the rise.
The problem is so large, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has acknowledged that the National Water Program has not met its 2006 goal of 90.
9 percent of people receiving water that meets all health based standards.
There are 82,000 chemicals being used in the United States today.
Only a few are tested for in tap water.
240 harmful chemicals have been identified in our water supplies.
According to the new standards developed by the EPA, municipal water suppliers are only required to test for 141 of these chemicals.
Drinking water contaminants are known to cause a wide range of illnesses.
Cancer, damage to the kidneys, liver, nervous system, heart, birth defects, and reproductive disorders to name a few.
Recent surveys conclude 64 percent of Americans are concerned about their drinking water.
Many are looking for alternatives to tap water.
Today, many doctors recommend point of use water filters to combat this problem.
For more information regarding our drinking water: See the water today page at http://www.
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