Is There Any Future in Architectural Technologist - Technician Programs?

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Architectural technologist and technicians are organized and accomplished persons who are involved with the technical side of what goes into the making of the building.
They are the main links between the designs of an architect and the finished project, having the advanced knowledge and skill level in the interior and exterior of any construction, modular planning, ceiling systems and partition systems.
Architectural technicians make sure that the correct materials and proper structural designs are used that comply with the building regulations.
Architectural edifices have been a vital historical component in the United Kingdom for thousands of years.
Modern architectural designs are different to the historic structures as they are dependent on technology and functioning of the modern machinery.
The future prospects of well qualified architectural technicians and technologists look good as they are the key members in designing the models of the modern artefacts.
Professional training and certification of an architect is necessary in order to keep the project running smoothly because it requires a strong knowledge of design techniques and various businesses involved in the construction.
The Chartered Institute of Architectural Technologists is a UK based and internationally recognised qualifying body which has been representing and qualifying over 9,500 technicians who have been working and studying in the field of architectural technology.
They do extensive researching looking up materials and sites and prepare architectural drawings using special drafting software before the start of the building projects.
Constructions done by technicians in the present times, require the use of computer-aided drafting and building information modelling programs in order to produce a detailed draft and a 3-dimensional plan for the architectural assignment.
An architectural 3D computer stimulated model, though a bit expensive than construction hand drawings, are becoming increasingly important selling concepts in the world of architectural design.
By using 3D computer generated architectural renderings, an architect is able to offer the client a suitable idea for how the structure will look in reality once it is constructed.
Therefore computer aided design (CAD) qualifications are essential as they help the architectural technologists and technicians in the understanding of how to put a set of digital building drawings together.
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