Alternatives to Closets

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    Armoires and Wardrobes

    • Armoires and wardrobes are common alternatives to closets. They offer a large quantity of space including upright hanging space and drawers or shelves. They are commonly constructed of heavy duty materials such as wood or metal and can also hold a great deal of weight. These pieces normally have full or half size double doors that swing open to reveal a horizontal rod for hanging clothes. Below this space is room for the shelves or drawers. They are durable and longlasting, they are also available in a wide variety of styles from antique to modern.

    Storage Trunks

    • Storage trunks are also available in a wide variety of sizes, shapes and styles. These are a strong choice for seasonal storage such as blankets, coats and jackets as they can be moved and stored in a garage, attic or basement. They generally hold a great deal of items, and while they can be heavy, many come with wheels on the bottom for ease of use. The trunks can also double as benches in the bedroom making them useful for the foot of the bed or by the door.

    Built-in Storage

    • Built-in storage can be installed in many places in the home. Recessed shelving can be placed against any wall to create a good opportunity for storage and decorative items. If closet space is limited, built-in storage can easily relieve the load of clothing, shoes and accessories that closets normally hold. Many closets are brimming with extra pieces that can be donated, using built-in shelving will help this type of organization as it is open and can be viewed by everyone versus being hidden in the closet.


    • There are a wide variety of hooks that can be hung in a pattern or a row. These hooks can be used to create extra hanging space and can also be decorative as well. Hooks are good alternatives to closets for items that are used with high frequency such as pajamas or bathrobes. Hooks can be placed in any area of the home and can still maintain the organized look as long as each hook is properly installed and not overloaded.

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