Halloween Safety Tips for Adults

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Halloween is a favorite time of year for kids of all ages and many adults take advantage of the festiveness of the season to throw great parties for all their friends. While this can be a great time for a party, be sure to keep the holiday in mind and exercise extra caution when driving around out there: kids have a habit of popping out from between cars or running out into the road when least expected, especially when over excited and hopped up on candy! Always drive slowly and keep an eye out for the sudden movements of costumed children.

It is never a good idea to drive while under the influence of intoxicants but Halloween is an especially bad time to take unnecessary risks like this as there are lots of young children around who might not be paying attention. There are also a lot of cops around who WILL be paying attention and, no matter how slowly you are going or how short of a distance you have to travel, getting stopped by the police when you have been drinking and driving can only end badly. Mind the weather as wet and rainy conditions can make stopping suddenly harder and may increase visibility problems.

If ever there was a party where the host should enforce strict designated drivers or collect car keys at the beginning of the evening, it is a Halloween party. Remember: even if you do not encourage them to drive, if a guest becomes intoxicated at your home and then gets in their car; you can be held liable just as any bar would be.

Be sure to provide lots of tasty snacks to help cushion the effect of alcoholic drinks but avoid salty snacks as they will make guests thirstier and encourage more drinking. Always provide some tasty non-alcoholic drink options to encourage moderation and have lots of water on hand. It is usually recommended that the host refrain from drinking excessively in order to keep an eye on things and prevent gate-crashers pushing the party out of control.

If you have a home phone that guests may want to use, be sure to keep a reliable cab company's phone number near the phone to encourage partygoers to get home safely instead of attempting to drive. Pets can become easily excited by large numbers of guests and loud noises so make sure to secure them away from the party, especially if they are high-strung or extremely protective.

As it can be hard to know what kinds of costumes your guests will wear, and how much they will drink, it is a good idea to avoid decorations with open flame or sharp points. Instead of candles, use battery operated lights or glowsticks to create a spooky ambiance or light up your Jack-o'-lanterns. Keep hallways and paths to and from your home free of obstacles and well lit to prevent injuries to guests who may be a little unsteady on their feet. 

If all of these tips fail and somebody at your party gets themselves into trouble; don't despair – contact the legal professional and former police officers at X-Copper for the best legal advice available and a no obligation quote. 
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