How to Remove Water Rings From Porcelain Tile

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    • 1). Use cleaners that do not contain harsh elements that could scratch or dull the tile finish. Select a pH-balanced, non-acidic cleaner, which can be found at any retail store. It is best to use a cleaner that is specifically made for porcelain tile. An all-purpose cleaner such as 409 can be used.

    • 2). Sweep the floor and remove any dirt or debris. If dirt or particles are left, they could scratch the tile during the cleaning process.

    • 3). Apply the cleaner evenly across the tile with a clean cloth or mop

    • 4). Rinse the cleaner off the floor or tile surface thoroughly and let it dry.

    • 5). Use the cleaner as needed when you notice mineral buildup on the tile again.

    • 6). Clean your porcelain tile with a homemade solution, as an alternate method. Add 1/4 cup of white vinegar to two gallons of water. Full-strength vinegar that is allowed to soak in can also be effective.

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