Home Beauty Tips for My Problem Legs

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    • Moisturize thoroughly to make your legs look their best. To make the most out of your body cream, start by taking a shower.

      While in the water, exfoliate your skin thoroughly so you remove the top flakes and show off the healthier skin underneath.

      Wash your legs with a cream oil body washes. Cleaning can remove the natural oils from the skin, but using a cream oil body wash adds moisture, making it looking younger and healthier

      Once you have stepped out of the shower, moisturize with a rich cream before drying off the water. This maximizes the hydration for your skin.

    Self Tanner

    • Use a self-tanner to hide blemishes, even out your skin tone and give your legs a healthy glow. Shave or wax your leg before applying self-tanner since removing the hair can also get rid of your new tan. Exfoliate as well to remove any surface flaking so the self-tanner leaves even color everywhere on your legs.


    • Use a cover-up on your legs to hide spider veins or other blemishes. Choose a concealer that is specially designed for use on the body instead of the face, since the cover-up needs to have a thick consistency to effectively hide veins.

      If your entire leg needs some extra help, use foundation designed for the body to cover you from your foot on up.


    • Add a layer of powder to give your legs that extra sparkle. If you have white legs, use a powder with a silvery finish. If your skin is darker, a golden powder will be most flattering.

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