Time Clock Fraud In The Workplace

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Time clock fraud in the workplace is a serious issue. In addition to employers paying employees for time they havent worked and employees receiving the pay, there is the issue of the labor laws. Once there is a written or documented time that an employee works, the law requires an employee to be paid. It must be proven the hours were not worked to be able to not pay the employee. This can be difficult. Most decisions are made in the employees favor. Employers need to have a way to accurately document time worked. This also protects the employee from working and not getting paid.

Ways that time clock fraud occurs:

* Lack of monitoring of time sheet, punches, and those who oversee payroll
* Easy computer access to payroll
* Too many people can finalize punch changes
* Requested to work when not clocked in
* Not working when clocked in
* Employees clocking in for other employees

Sometimes time clock fraud is an isolated event with a single employee, other times it is organized, coordinated, and involves several employees in various positions. Time clock fraud can be employees fraudulently clocking in or out. It can also be employers causing time to be altered fraudulently to avoid paying overtime, avoid paying holiday pay, or even to pay regular hours that were worked.

When time clock fraud occurs, the issue should be resolved as soon as possible. Resolving time clock fraud involves the following:

* Identifying the time clock fraud
* Investigating to see if it was an isolated event or there are more related fraudulent time clock documentation
* Discover the cause and create a plan to prevent it from being repeated
* Accurately determine the amount that the employee is owed or owes the company
* Implement the plan to prevent further time clock fraud
* Review the success of the time clock fraud prevention plan
* Revise the plan if needed

Time clock fraud is a serious matter and should not be tolerated. One of the ways companies reduce time clock fraud is by employee monitoring. This can protect the company in the event that there is a question to the location of an employee and the duties performed there. The Zeitgroup provides employee monitoring and documentation. You can contact the Zeitgroup today for a quote.
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