Fitness Doesn"t Fit My Schedule

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These are busy days and we all have them.
So how do you find time for yourself, even more important, how do you find time for fitness? It's not easy with all the crazy schedules and if you have kids it's even worse.
This could be one of the biggest causes for the epidemic we have across America and the world.
No time to take of ourselves..
Well, first of all, let's define what fitness is not: 1.
It's not a gym membership 2.
It's not some crazy adherence to a sort of a military or professional athlete workout regimen 3.
It's not eating only granola bars and almonds 4.
It's not stealing time away from your family 5.
It's not painful 6.
It' not an event 7.
It's not because someone told you to do it In my opinion the biggest problem is all the miss-information out there.
Google fitness or something like that and guess what, you will be even more confused than when you first started.
Everyone has an opinion and the internet has made it quite easy to get that opinion published.
Here are a few things you can start doing today to change the way you look and feel: 1.
Start something today...
what are you waiting for? 2.
Train for fitness success...
take it serious 3.
Stop eating junk/fast food...
eat more fruits, vegetables, and lean meats 4.
Find an exercise program you like doing at home or at the gym 5.
Schedule your workouts in advance 6.
Set a short term goal...
say 30 days from now 7.
Don't quit...
life is not easy nor is fitness but it will work We are all busy, we are all tired, and we are all want more than we have.
If you just start today you will see the return on your investment is short order.
Keep in mind, fitness is not an option and it's best to confront it before it confronts you.
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