Drawer Pulls: A Primer

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Most of us don't think twice when we grab something from a kitchen drawer.
But that simple move would be much trickier if the drawers lack drawer pulls.
A simple knob in unfinished wood does the job, but it lacks the style that other options provide.
You can find drawer pulls in many uncommon styles, and in dozens of finishes and materials.
One popular style is the bar pull.
A rod, available in a range of lengths, is attached to the drawer face with a bolt at each end.
The bolts raise the bar off the surface and enable you to take a firm grasp.
It's likely you've seen a wide range of choices in this popular style of cabinet hardware.
Do you want rods that are round or square? Simple or elaborate? A single material, or mixed materials-metal with wood, acrylic, crystal, enamel, glass, ceramic, or stone? Even if the drawer pulls are completely made of metal, you can find them in stainless steel, aluminum, bronze, copper, brass, nickel, chrome-polished or matte, aged or painted, traditional or contemporary.
If you are looking for drawer pulls for reproduction furniture or traditional cabinets, take a look at bail pulls.
When a bail pull is attached to the drawer, it swings off a backplate or a pair of rosettes, and it lays flat on the surface of the drawer front.
When it's time to open the drawer, bail drawer pulls swings forward, then drop back flat on the drawer front when you let go.
A cup pull evokes the casual feeling of a general store or country kitchen; it's a raised sphere, usually half an oval.
It's installed on the drawer face with the open side down.
You slip your fingers up into the open "cup" and pull forward to open the drawer.
Simple cup drawer pulls can be found in nearly any metal finish.
But you can also find them with detailing like shells, floral and animal motifs, and even shapes other than the usual sphere.
Shop around, and you can find cup pulls in ceramic and glass as well.
A finger pull is a style that lends itself to both traditional and contemporary looks.
A flat backplate is attached to the front of the drawer, with a hook that projects off its top.
Slip your finger under the hook to pull the drawer forward.
Again, the shape of the backplate and the hook contribute to the style of these drawer pulls-it can have elaborate detail, but the finger pull can also lend itself to sleek geometry.
Once again, the material and finish contribute to the style of this kind of hardware.
Another category of drawer pulls look a little like a piece of jewelry.
Pendant drawer pulls are installed on a single post on the front of a drawer; they resemble a large drop earring.
Like bail pulls, they swing off the connecting bolt (think of the bolt as the earring post) and hang flat upon the drawer front.
Grab the pendant and pull to open the drawer.
When you release it, the pendant drops flat onto the face of the drawer.
Like jewelry, pendant drawer pulls can be delicate and detailed, or bold and substantial.
Various finishes and materials make this a versatile and decorative choice.
Another style of cabinet hardware that resembles the pendant are ring drawer pulls.
Instead of a hanging pendant, you've got a hanging ring.
You can also find a ring pull that can be recessed into the surface of the drawer front for a sleek look.
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