How Do Glass Splashbacks Compare To Other Materials?

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Glass splashbacks are one of the fastest growing trends in kitchen design and refurbishment, with more people than ever discovering the many advantages and benefits of glass worktops and glass splashbacks for kitchens. No longer considered something reserved for showroom kitchens which are barely touched or used, or kitchens whose only purpose seems to be to be photographed for glossy magazines, glass splashbacks are now being seen in homes across the country.

If you have not yet considered glass worktops or glass splashbacks, or if you've considered it but haven't yet made up your mind, the following brief guide serves to compare glass with other traditional alternatives which people use for either splashbacks in kitchens, or worktops. Ultimately it's your decision, but have a look below to see how the different materials and solutions compare.

Glass splashbacks compared to tiles. There are four main advantages of having glass rather than a tiled splashback area. The first benefit is the look, because when compared next to each other there's simply no contest. With hundreds of different colours and many different effects glass offers a look which is immediately striking. Tiled splashbacks often end up being little more than backdrops, overlooked and ignored. Glass splashbacks are features which stand out, grab attention and pull the whole room together.

The second advantage is that unlike with tiles, there are no joins, seams or grout, which reduces the potential for mould or bacterial growth. Thirdly, glass splashbacks can be wiped clean very quickly and easily. Tiles can sometimes be all right to clean, but when you hit the grout and the joins they can be very difficult, and often it's the grout which makes the tiles look old before their time. Finally it's worth remembering that glass splashbacks can be cut to fit any size area, and incorporate cut outs for pipes and sockets. Tiling around sockets or pipes can be tedious, time consuming, frustrating and expensive, and the look is usually far from perfect.

Glass splashbacks compared to quartz. Although quartz is available in a range of colours and styles, the one problem is that they are all generally darker colours. Quartz tends to absorb light, which can make worktops seem smaller, the whole kitchen seem darker and reduces the feeling of space. Glass splashbacks can reflect light, absorbing very little. This helps to brighten and lighten the whole room, increasing the sense of lightness, openness and space.

Glass splashbacks and granite. Although granite is a beautiful, natural material, it is also porous, and as it is a natural material it inevitably incorporates cracks and fissures. This provides space for bacteria to breed, and so keeping things hygienic in a granite kitchen can be tough. Glass splashbacks and glass worktops provide absolutely nowhere for bacteria or mould to hide, and so with just a quick spray and wipe, the surface is clean hygienic and ready for use by your family.

Glass splashbacks and wood veneer. Wood veneer worktops and splashbacks are the cheapest option, but that economy comes at a price. Because wood veneer is known to crack, chip and peel very easily. This provides breeding grounds for mould and bacteria, and it's very hard to repair. Not only can the worktop or splashback quickly look old and shabby, but the wood can start to absorb moisture, swelling, cracking and distorting. Glass has no veneer, doesn't peel, chip or crack and certainly won't distort.

As glass splashbacks are extremely tough and durable, capable of coping easily with extremely high temperatures, acidic juices, foods and juices which stain as well as knocks and bumps with heavy pots and pans, they are ideal for use in busy kitchens. It's easy to assume that glass splashbacks are expensive, and whilst there are certainly options which can be expensive, this needn't be the case. Simple, straightforward, stylish glass splashbacks for kitchens and glass worktops can be very affordable, offering the ideal all round solution.
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