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With Mediterranean blue waters and the black sands of Santorini as such prominent features, it is no wonder that Greece is considered a travelers paradise.
This country boasts more than eight thousand miles of coastline shared between the mainland and the islands, and entices adventurers to relax or explore the many facets of the landscape.
Crystal clear waters are a Utopian getaway for snorkelers and divers.
Organized beaches boast a distinctive level of service with lounge chairs, umbrellas, changing areas, and restaurants.
The active tourist will find an array of water sporting activities at their disposal.
A beach goer will also find an assortment of open access areas that are less populated.
Beyond the six thousand Greek Islands and endless beaches, there is a lush mainland hosting a culture rich with history.
From the Acropolis in Athens to the Medieval City of Rhodes with countless ruins and archaeological sites in between, vacationers are transported to another time in history.
Peruse one of many archeological museums, or take in the beauty and intricacies of Greek folk art.
Scout the Naval, Science and Nature, or Byzantine Museums throughout the country.
Uncover a past so diverse and exciting, one can't help but absorb the history.
Enjoy the mild Mediterranean climate by joining a bike tour, canoe or kayaking, rock climbing, or exploring one of the national parks or forests.
Greece has a spectacular geological saga that can be fully appreciated by adventuring into one of more than eight thousand caves.
The stories of their history are legendary.
The landscape also hosts lakes and lagoons which are as numerous as they are breathtaking.
Greek cuisine is unique, delectable, and enticing.
Sample the mouthwatering souvlakia or be adventurous with trying octopus.
The menu is as varied as the landscape.
The food is flavorful without being spicy or overpowering.
The sweet treat of Baklava is a common dessert.
Of course, olives are a staple and are available in many varieties.
Many areas offer fresh markets to choose the fresh fruits and vegetables of the region.
As the tourism industry is rapidly evolving, Greece is offering a multitude of options for travelers.
Many areas offer Agrotourism, which is a way for tourists to get a feel for the real day to day life in the agricultural areas of Greece.
Travelers will appreciate the opportunity for an anthropological view of the country, as well as a true respect for the people and culture.
Another option, Religious Tourism, grants avenues for exploring the religious history of the chapels, shrines, cathedrals, and other significant monuments throughout the area.
The changes in tourism have created a rapid rise in the level of accommodations.
While lodging choices vary from campsites, rooms available for rent, they also expand to hotels, resorts and spas.
If you are looking for the "greener" more ecological friendly form of travel, the hundreds of campsites offer varieties of tent camping, caravans, or even bungalow availability.
But for those seeking the pampered relaxation version of a vacation, there are hundreds of five star hotel resorts and spas to choose from both in the mainland as well as the island destinations.
For those who want to get away from it all to those seeking an action packed adventure get away, Greece has it all.
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