Top Ten Food Items for Fit Body

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Strike a balance in your food and you will see the magic happen. Yes, balanced food is the key to healthy body. Any type of food in excess or in fewer amounts will not serve all the nutrition need of your body. Balanced food constitutes of appropriate amount of carbohydrate, fat, protein, vitamin, minerals, fibers and water. It becomes easier to pick the right food if you know the nutrition provided by it. Here is a list of ten such food items which you can combine to get a balanced diet and maintain a fit body.
Lean meat, dairy product, eggs, and pulses: These are rich source of protein and top our list because you need protein in ample amount to burn that fat. Protein is the fuel for muscles and muscles are fat burning factories.  So feed protein to your muscles but don't overdo it. Extra protein is stored in our body as fat itself. Lean meat, tofu, soy products, cheese, milk products, eggs, pulses will cover the protein portion of your diet. Protein helps our hair and nails grow healthy. It imparts glow to our skin and keeps our body in shape by toning up the muscles.
Vegetables, whole grains and fruits: Vegetables and fruit provide essential minerals, vitamins and antioxidant along with fibers. Our body needs them to keep functioning properly. Every meal should have three portion made up of vegetables, whole grains and fruits. Green leafy vegetable are ignored by most of us. But they are highly rich in minerals like iron, potassium and antioxidants. When it comes to fruits, plum and figs are best source of fibers. All these nutrients keep our eyes strong, maintain good amount of RBC in our blood, and keep our stomach happy as fibers help clean our stomach.
Nuts, olive oil and flaxseed oil: Nuts like wall nut, almond, hazelnut provide important fatty acid which helps us grow gracefully. Olive oil and flaxseed are great source of good fatty acid. Now don't amuse on why we need fats? Fat is also an essential part of our food. Proper amount of fat intake is necessary to make various parts of our body function nicely.
Bread, pasta, rice: These provide carbohydrate to our body. Carbohydrates are instant source of energy. They dissolve very easily and are absorbed by our body with equal ease. One portion of our meal should contain carbohydrate. Whole grain is recommended.
Apart from keeping a check on these food items, it is must to have water in ample amount as well. Remember seventy percent of our body constitutes of water. So it is must to keep your body moisturized by drinking at least eight standard size glass of water daily.
As I have already mentioned, modesty is the key to balance. Don't eat any of this food in extra or less amount as they all work together to keep your body fit. However food alone can't keep you fit all the way. You need to put some efforts from your end as well. A regular work out and balanced food will do wonders for you.
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