Complete Car Cover Insurance Plans Explored

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There are 2 kinds of insurance policies that you can enter into in covering your vehicle, i.e. 3rd party insurance protection and complete car cover (or comprehensive insurance).

In the first instance you insure only for third party claims against you, which means that if you're in an accident you have to cover your own cost, but the insurer covers repairs to the 3rd party's car. When it comes to complete car cover, your car or truck is covered against damage and burglary and the 3rd party's charges are also covered. The definition of complete, however, might be deceptive if you understood it to mean" that whatever happened to your car" is covered by the insurance policy. That belief is incorrect. There are exceptions in a complete car cover policy.

If you have an endorsed driver's licence the insurance company will repudiate any claim whether it is damage to your car or any damage to a third party's property. If you have been under the influence of alcohol the same concept will apply. If someone else without a driver's licence drove your motor vehicle and was involved in any incident the insurance company will also repudiate any claim. Say, your child, without you knowing took your motor vehicle and he is not licensed to drive a car and is involved in an accident, the insurance company will not pay out any claim, unless you laid a charge of theft against him. Such charge may also not be withdrawn.

Complete car cover insurance plans will often not include items such as hail deterioration, windscreen damage and the loss (theft) of sound and leisure systems, unless such items are specifically specified to be protected at an additional premium. In addition there are exclusions appropriate to modified cars unless they are altered by the manufacturer. The issue with any insurance cover is not to assume anything but to gather the facts and base your choice on facts only. Very carefully study any complete car cover policy specifically to spot the exclusions to the standard policy. You can then opt to include various options if the insurance provider will accept them or shop around for another insurance plan better suited to your specific requirements.

Remember that complete car cover policies are short-term policies, which means that they ought to be revised every now and then. You may have bought a bulk standard 4x4 bakkie and comprehensively insured it at the time of purchase, but several months later you opt to replace the sound system and fit other wheels that are specified by the vehicles specifications. You don't modify the insurance cover on the vehicle and you are in an accident. The insurance assessor inspects your vehicle to authorise repairs and spots the non conventional or non manufacturers specification wheels. The assessor notifies the insurer and the insurer repudiates the claim on the basis that the non standard wheels were the cause of the crash.

It is very important grasp the content and meaning of any motor insurance including complete car cover to avoid any possible conflict of interest.

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