The Society Denounces 6 (six) Elements Of The 2nd District Police Rudge Ramos - Sao Bernardo Do Camp

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The Society Denounces 6 (Six) Elements of the 2nd District Police Rudge Ramos - Sao Bernardo do Campo - Sao Paulo - Brazil

On 05 October 2011 at 9.30 am a group of three (3) elements of a claw trim (SWAT BRAZIL) charged into a good citizen, Disability, Psychoanalyst, Professor of several Brazilian Universities, Research, Articles, Member of Brazilian Red Cross, State Representative of the Brazilian Council of Psychoanalysis, Member of many National and International Scientific Societies, as well as Member of the International Organization "Doctors Without Borders."

Arrested him illegally, as well as led him to the 2nd district police Rudge Ramos, without presenting any charges.

And so it was circus, with the participation of three (3) law graduates (police officers) who were there to enforce humiliation, physical and emotional aggression, to extract these actions THROUGH probably hefty benefits in kind.

But how have failed, have filed a police report "Contempt" and detained for more than 6 (six) hours long, and moreover, unlawfully seized your vehicle (car) for Disabled, alleging it to be irregular.

Below, we describe them, for those refused to give their names and other qualifications, much less presented their credentials:

FIRST ELEMENT: black hair, approximately 30 years, 1.65 m tall, white, weighing about 70 kilos, at gunpoint to strip and machine gun lap, wearing camouflage pants (clothing for the jungle), black shirt, wearing black boots, a bulletproof vest, mobile recording and film, radio communicator (this, like the Rambo movies).

Face marked with details of Clinical picture in the form of deep Mania (PMD) - Psychosis BIPOLAR therefore posture, behavior, skin, eyes, speech and alternating breakdown was visible and stereotyped, played constantly pubic area and her fingers trembled in touch with the trigger of the gun.

A danger to society and its citizens, in full public area, and was populated by workers and honest, Good Citizens

His posture imitated very badly, Actor (Sylvester Stallone Gardenzio) interpretations of RAMBO.

Showed total ignorance of the Constitution, Civil and Criminal Codes and above all, lack all human rights, this much-vaunted and widespread Century XXI.

Note: All this paraphernalia in broad daylight at the gates of a major bakery (Bella Imperial).

Frequented by doctors, lawyers, engineers, veterinarians, pharmacists and around a hospital, as well as the Parish of St. John the Baptist Rudge Ramos Sao Bernardo do Campo.

This is in Avenida Way of the Sea, Rudge Ramos Centre at 9.30am in the morning bloom time.

QUESTION: Does the marginal will buy rolls, take your breakfast and get your newspaper, commenting on political events and others with their peers, in broad daylight, in full and known place where all the regulars know each other, that of to much?

ANSWER: Impossible.

SECOND ELEMENT: pale white color, gray hair, approximately 1.75 m, 32 years, extremely aggressive, wearing the same clothes as the first element, gun in hand, carrying grenades in his vest.

Aggressive speech and without a minimum of respect, education and humanity to society and its citizens.
In his jacket had a distinctive plastic, gold with black border, posted on his vest, those purchased at vendors stalls, with the words (SWAT), ridiculous (Always have a court jester)

Psychotic-looking, who was too busy talking disconnected words and allusions, their qualities in the eyes and ears of an expert on the psyche and must be under intense intake of psychotropic drugs (cocaine) or other.

Would lean back several times to a post, with intense and disaggregated coordinative behavior engine, and sporting impinging extreme danger to honest citizens and workers who buy their bread for the morning hours.

Showed total ignorance of the Constitution, Civil and Criminal Codes and above all, lack all human rights, this much-vaunted and widespread Century XXI.

First Question: What do these elements would be making this place sound and without any criminal?

Second question: Are they behind ailments and advantages costly and pulpy, extorted from honest citizens?

Third Question: At that moment should not be behind marginal, criminals, drug dealers, instead of being in the full light of morning, clear streets and doors of a bakery in broad avenue, and above all to the side of a parish, St. John the Baptist Rudge Ramos?

THIRD ELEMENT: This is the most curious of all people, approximately 26 years, white, 1.63 tall, fair-haired, (Mohawk Indian style), probably a member of any faction (RED SKIN) or (Panky).

Facie evidence of weasel with affection, a compound with the same clothes, same of others, and carrying the camera (cell phone) to record almost everything (what interested him only), film director seemed to film, Hollywood, producing films, Steven Allan Spielberg.

Do not release the mobile (camera), for nothing, maybe it was his vocation, not the police "SWAT BRAZILIAN" but director of film footage.

QUESTION: Does any film studio admit it?

ANSWER: We doubt.

After all a boy armed with no preparation at all, playing a police officer, and above all, willing to target anyone in front.

Behavior becomes indisputable, any child who wants to be the same as Captain Marvel.

QUESTION: Do you, feel safe in front of a boy with a gun loaded and cocked, and distinctive authority nailed in the chest?

ANSWER: We doubt that you feel safe.

Showed total ignorance of the Constitution, Civil and Criminal Codes and above all, lack all human rights, this much-vaunted and widespread Century XXI.

FOURTH ELEMENT: Bachelor of Law, the police chief, brown, about 30 years, 1.60 m in height, hair color black embossed, black eyes, arrogant and pedantic.

Facie looked like her, with marked features of anger, frustration, aggression, syndromes of extreme superiority, and as a result, denoting high degree of unconscious guilt.

Looking further: they transplanted their actions and stressed even more, its likely psychopaths among Freudians frames.

Everything, after all, leading us to believe, not like herself, and her physical appearance, as well as its racial hereditary congenital condition.

These syndromes, leading to insecurity, failure and difficulty for the cognitive learning of any subject intellectual.

People with these disorders are premeditated, malicious, have tendencies to sadism (perversion) and sexually unhappy, they blame the parents for their condition of being born black.

People like that, gloss, with clear color components and therefore have strong commitments of deep shame and guilt for thinking that black is inferior to the others.

Showed total ignorance of the Constitution, Civil and Criminal Codes and above all, lack all human rights, this much-vaunted and widespread Century XXI.

QUESTION: Would you trust a person who has so many syndromes psyche, not knowing the difference of right from wrong, logic and illogic, the marginal and the good citizen, and with all this sadism, to discount their frustrations on top the first person to appear in front?

ANSWER: Of course not.

FIFTH ELEMENT: Bachelor of Law, chief of police, white, denoting it is a visible frame of morbid obesity, mental illness and a strong, approximately 45 years old, white haired, measuring approximately 1.60 m, dress shirt without a tie, outside edges of the pants, broken down into his stance, in denim pants, very dirty.

Facie gaunt inframandibular jowls, he speaks with moments of disaggregated (rosnao interspersed with barks) and deep deformity of talking, walking without coordination, dull eyes and exophthalmos.

Nothing is intelligible in his speech, his behavior indicates that this presents strong cadre of paranoid schizophrenia with repetitive and intense persecutory hallucinations, both visual and auditory.

Looking your mental intellect, in this necrotizing process, perhaps by over-prescription drugs, or illegal drugs.

Highly dangerous person, therefore not liable for their acts, and it could fatally harm to any citizen, who will ask questions.

Presented with constant and Echolalia Echopractic, giving only to understand the words (FICA CARMO, CARMO FICA, FICA CARMO .....).

His morbid obesity is so strong that can barely walk, and is always ready to beat someone, as well as his speech is accompanied by a (BABA) as a result of his dysarthria.

His hands, always pressing, the other one, denoting intense crisis is clearly delusional, as well as movements of your fingers in parkinsonian, parkinsonian symptoms, Cerebellar, Psychotic (COUNT MONEY).

QUESTION: Would you feel safe in going to this police station, to formulate a simple police report, being in the presence of police authority?


QUESTION: Do you ask this person something?


QUESTION: If you knew who that person was at the station, enter?


QUESTION: If your house was robbed, that person being on duty, you would report the assault?


SIXTH ELEMENT: bachelor, chief of police, white frame with alopecia in large proportion, about 56 years, 1.67 m tall, white shirt, dark khaki pants, be formless.

Amorphous facie, no talking, just looking at the screen from an old computer, and just mumble things that looked like words (words Maybe Extra Land), which were unintelligible,
Only addressed the bel. morbidly obese, and only.

QUESTION: Would you like to ask if this person even if her question is very important?

ANSWER: No, because man can not speak.

SEVENTH ELEMENT: bachelor, chief of police of the yellow race, 1.57 m, peaceful, educated, who identified himself as General Representative of the Police Internal Affairs Division of the State of Sao Paulo, was requested by bels. "To put wraps", in short (26 and Pontius Pilate 36d.C.) better known by the name of (Pontius Pilate).

And the famous phrase was uttered once more:

"I wash my hands"

So, ladies Citizens of the City of Sao Bernardo do Campo - Rudge Ramos, very careful with these people (if we can call them people), which can only think of doing evil, to raise hefty benefits and bask in the misfortunes of good people.

QUESTION: Does the Dome of the Department of Public Safety of the State of Sao Paulo, has knowledge of the likely actions of psychopaths, acting and interacting freely within a society, composed of adults, children, elderly and disabled?
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