House Siding and Painting - Surprising Methods Which Can Lower the Cost and Improve Quality

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In recent years there has been a large push in the construction industry to develop more ecologically sound materials and methods for building homes and commercial facilities.
Many of these advancements however, have focused on new construction.
Several of these greener technologies are also able to be incorporated into existing houses and residential buildings.
One of the most revolutionary construction methods has been to assemble entire wall systems or SIPs (structural insulated panels) within a large factory warehouse.
Much like an automotive assembly line, a home can now be constructed in at least half the time of traditional methods.
Newer approaches such as these have been carried over to other building methods such as siding or house painting.
While constructing an entire building indoors may seem an awkward and unusual idea, there is a great deal of benefits for the contractor and the home owner.
Applying these same techniques to remodeling a home can save the home owners thousands upon thousands of dollars.
One major component of a home is the siding or exterior faade.
Traditional materials for sheathing the exterior walls of a house have been wood, metal, vinyl and brick.
Each of these siding materials has pros and cons, but none have the durability of cement fiber board siding even when the other types of siding have been properly installed.
Although not necessarily a newcomer to the building industry in its current form, cement fiber board is a proven siding material in virtually all areas of the country.
Traditional siding has always been labor intensive with regards to preparing properly to be painted.
There is a better and more cost effective alternative instead of re-siding the home and then priming and painting the surface.
Having the fiber cement board prepped and painted inside a controlled factory environment allows for a more durable and higher quality finish.
The climate and humidity can be easily controlled within a factory warehouse as opposed to leaving the siding exposed to the elements while waiting for optimum weather conditions to apply primer and paint.
A factory pre-finished cement fiber board siding will guarantee a more even coat of paint and any sealant.
One main benefit to having the cement fiber board pre-finished is that rather than just the side facing the exterior of a house being painted, all sides of the siding can be treated which will just improve the durability.
Fiber cement board has been used for generations, but contained asbestos decades ago.
Today fiber cement board is as durable as concrete and safe.
Fiber cement board does not share the similar weaknesses that other types of siding possess.
Cement boards are proven to be impervious to insects and wood-eating fungus.
Proven durability and longevity of finish can save the home owner a good sum of money in the form of less maintenance and upkeep costs.
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