Are Drug Treatment Centers Effective?

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Up to $50,000 dollars per month of treatment and a recommended 90 day (3 months) stay has become a commonplace.
A little pricey? More like ABSURD if you ask me.
However, if I am honest with myself I must admit that I have seen some miraculous results produced by these places.
In fact, I would have to concede that if every person that enrolled in one of these drug treatment centers were to follow precise instructions, these programs would probably be 100% effective.
Now, I would like to say that I have never been to a drug treatment center, nor do I work for one; however, I do know people on both sides of the argument.
I know folks who are avidly anti-treatment center and I know people that are pro-treatment center.
I think that I would stand somewhere in the middle.
In my view, both sides have valid arguments.
On one end of the spectrum you have the voices that scream "All these treatment centers are interested in is money!" On the opposite side you hear "Our programs are designed to help the addict or alcoholic.
We treat them and give them coping skills to be reintroduced to life".
Both sides hold a certain amount of truth.
It is true that the treatment centers would have no motive for being created if there was no monetary profit involved.
This would validate the "anti" theory that they are all about money.
However, these drug treatment centers offer a very broad range of services.
What this means is that their overhead alone is very high.
It takes a lot of work to keep these treatment centers open and the people who do the work deserve to be paid for their services.
In the end I think that there will always be debate on this topic.
There will always be people arguing for one extreme or the other and, in my opinion, it is probably best to stay out of the firing range.
It is always healthy to stand in the middle and see the good in things rather than the negative.
The bottom line is that there are a large number of drug treatment centers that truly help people.
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