What Makes Building an Online Business Easy and Hard Today

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This article title may seem like an oxymoron.
However, I believe it's right on in terms of accuracy.
You see, depending on your personality type, creating a profitable online business may or may not be easy for you.
Regardless, this information should prove helpful to anyone who currently works online or is considering starting an internet marketing business.
Lets begin with the good stuff first - things that make this business easy.
An Abundance of Resources Since I got started online back in 2004, the internet has changed drastically.
Back then electronically-delivered information products were fairly new and it seemed only a few people were creating info products.
Everyone else was selling affiliate products.
It appeared difficult (for me) to find information on how to create information products and to setup all the components of an internet business.
Now, there is an abundance of information online, free and paid, to teach a person everything about all aspects of internet marketing.
An Abundance of Tools There are all kinds of time-saving tools now available to make this business much easier and less painful.
No longer should someone inexperienced in web design have to learn how to create online components (sales letters, affiliate pages, etc.
) from scratch.
There are slick-looking templates and software available to make so many formerly pain-staking tasks simple, fast and even fun.
This is especially true if you decide to use a blog as your business platform which is what I currently recommend.
There are blog themes and plugins available for virtually every component.
Okay, I've covered the good, now lets address the things that make this business difficult.
An Abundance of Social Interaction Have you heard the old saying, "too much of a good thing is bad"? This is exactly what I feel about social networks.
I love interacting with friends and family on these sites.
However, I know first hand how they can so easily drain the majority of an individual's time each day.
In fact, even as I am writing this article, I feel tempted to check my accounts for messages and to see what my friends are up to.
If you feel the need to constantly get on these networks to play and communicate then you probably won't reach your professional goals.
Now, that being said, there needs to be a balance.
There shouldn't be all work and no play, so schedule a specific block of time each day to do the social network thing and don't log on any other time.
Of course, social networking certainly can and should be used to promote your online business too.
However, that's a topic for another article.
An Abundance of Offline Technology I love technology and I have a lot of gadgets to prove it.
I enjoy my tablet and smartphone immensely.
Anyone who owns a smartphone though, understands how it can be a time drainer.
If you like to play games on your phone or text constantly, you know how much of your time these activities eat on a daily basis.
If you enjoy playing games on your phone, tablet or other devices, create a schedule to do this and stick to it.
If you text or talk a lot, I suggest putting your phone on silent or turn it off while you're working.
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