Rap Writing Tips for the Hottest Rap Beats!

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In this modern world, songs and sounds have become a lifestyle for many. While a greater part of the globe prefers to listen to the songs and rap produced by major and up-coming artists, there is a rising trend amongst youngsters hoping to make it big in the entertainment industry. Among them, the genre steadily gaining popularity is the rap genre.

So, before you choose the hottest rap beats to start your rappin’, here’s one way to get startin’.

Tip #1
Get to know your target audience.

Who are people you are writing this rap for? Are they parents, grandparents, your significant other? Kids, teenagers, maybe? What would you want them to know?

By choosing your target audience you’d be able to gauge the type of words to use. For example, if your rap is going out to the general public, then you’d have to ensure that they will be able to understand the words that you use. Think of it as speaking to a stranger across the street. If he/she ever heard your rap, would he/she understand your rap?

Of course, it’s okay to use one or two jargons if you feel like using them to get your message across. One or two jargons would not really affect the message of the song, and if they truly love your rap, they’d put in some effort to find out what that particular word means.

Tip #2
Choosing the Hottest Rap Beat

Now that you’ve identified the message and your audience, it’s time to get to your beat. Are you going to go really fast like a bullet train when you’re rapping? Or are you going to let your rap go on the same speed as talking speed?

Would you want your message to stand out more or let the beat dominate your rap? Do you want the beat to accompany your rap, or become background music?

Asking yourself questions like these will help you a lot in terms of choosing the beats.

Sometimes, even the instrumentals also play a role in blending in with your rap. Unique instrumentals make the rap more outstanding, and noticeable amongst the sea of saturated catchy songs. Keep up with the times to find out the latest type of beats that the pop stars are using to stay in trend.

This will ensure your rap to be in trend and has a higher chance to become popular.

Tip #3

After writing your rap, sync it with the chosen beat and record it. Ask a close relative or friend to spend some time listening to your rap and to give their comments and opinions. The more opinions you get from different people, the more likely your rap will be well-liked. If you get opinions that match with the message that you are trying to convey, then your rap is successful.

If not, then you’d have to make an important decision and to improve your rap. What’s wrong with it? It is the lyrics? Or the hottest rap beat [http://hottestrapbeats.com] does not match? Once you’ve discovered the problem with your rap, go back to the drawing board and rectify it.

If you’ve followed these tips, you’d be sure to write your rap with lightning speed using the hottest rap beat [http://hottestrapbeats.com] around!

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