How to Clean Massage Stones

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    Cleaning Massage Stones

    • 1). Place your massage stones in a clean sink and rinse them with cool water. Then fill the sink with warm water and add a teaspoon of antibacterial soap to the water.

    • 2). Pick up one stone at a time and use a small bristle brush, such as a nail brush, to remove oils and lotions from the stones. Continue until all the stones are scrubbed.

    • 3). Rinse the soapy stones under cool running water. Use a soft cloth, such as a cheesecloth, to dry the stones. Lay the stones flat on a clean towel. Spray the stones with antibacterial spray, then flip them over and spray them again.

    • 4). Empty the water from your massage stone heating unit. Rinse the unit and put in clean water. Place the stones in the unit if you intend to use them immediately.

    • 5). Condition your stones every few days by soaking them in water and sea salt. The stones need to rest in the salt water mix for 20 minutes. Remove the stones from the salt water and spread them out on a towel to air dry. Rub the stones with your favorite massage oil until they are shiny.

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