Climbing Made Easy With Spurs

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Climbing trees are never easy. Exertion of muscles is needed in climbing. It involves work on both upper and lower portions of the body; with the upper portion intended for lifting the body and the lower portion intended for pushing the body upward. Climbing enthusiast yearn for an equipment that will help them in lessening the effort in climbing the top of trees. One helpful tool that passed this requirement is the spurs.

Tree climbing spurs act like spikes which helps in the efficient and fast transfer in between branches so as holding the position firmly to prevent the climber from falling during climbing. It aids the climber in bracing branches for firmer grasps of the position. It is normally attached to the boots and worn with support pads. Pads act like cushions of protection relieving the user of any sores cause by continuous rubbing of the metal structures of the spurs.

Its structural framework is usually made of materials like titanium, steel and carbon fibers. Titanium-made spurs is perfect for lightweight climbing. It improves the speed of the climber. Steel is the most durable material used in spurs. Steel-made spurs fits the widest range of supports in the market. Carbon fibered spurs encompass both the characteristics of steel and titanium-made spurs. It is very durable and lightweight but very expensive. Not many climbers are able to attain this kind.

Accessories are also available for added comfort and use. Common accessories include Shank pad, Foot plates, Climber shields and Spur straps. Shank pads add extra comfort to the spurs wearer. It has the same comfort as the normal support pads but offered with adjustable wear feature. Foot plates are attached to spurs to provide firm and stable platform for the boots worn. Climber shields are attached to the shank pad to protect it from being stabbed by gaff, a common climber injury. Spur straps are used for tightening the support pads, shank pads and climber shields together in one wrap.

Boots are not technically part of the spurs structure but its presence greatly affects the efficiency of the spurs. Tree climbing spurs size and accessories is customized based on the length of the boots. High boots require shank pads while shorter may eliminate the need for it. Boots is very important in reducing fatigue and discomfort while standing in the spurs.

Nature lovers discouraged the public from using spurs in a healthy tree. Technically, the tree climbing spurs are spikes that are punctured to the tree until the climber fully lifted his/her body. Puncturing a tree hurts the trees and the holes left by spurs may worsen the condition of the tree. Plus, spurs may expedite transfer of diseases from one tree to another.

Few cases of fungal infection are reported related to use of spurs. The fungus from the tree climbed by the person has been transferred. Though, spurs are not directly the cause of the fungus; the proper use and cleaning is recommended by manufacturer to prevent fungal cases from occurring.
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