How to Modify Your Tub Into a Jacuzzi

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    • 1). Determine what jacuzzi adapter you want. There are two kinds. The first is a full floor mat that sticks to the bottom of your bathtub. An outside cord pumps air into the mat, releasing bubbles from all over the adapter. Although this provides the best bubble coverage, you may find the mat uncomfortable. A side-mounted adapter attaches to the side of your bathtub and through small fans creates bubbles. The bubbles aren't as widespread as with other adapter, but you don't change the bathtub flooring.

    • 2). Attach the jacuzzi adapter to your bathtub. For the side-mounted adapter, attach it with suction cups to the inside of the tub, then tighten the outside arm to create a secure bond. With the floor mat, press the mat down against the bottom of the tub and the suction cups adhere to the porcelain tub.

    • 3). Plug the adapter into a wall outlet. Because both devices are run by a motor, you need electricity. The devices are water-shielded, so you won't have electrical sparks if water touches the cables.

    • 4). Turn on the power. The jacuzzi adapters will begin to turn on and create the desirable bubbles of a standard jacuzzi.

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